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Northpoint Home Furnishings carries top-of-the line mattresses to suit a wide range of needs.  Our wide selection includes firm mattresses, soft mattresses, memory foam, and everything in between.  Come by today today to test which one will be best for your home.



tempurpedic mattress

To remedy back and neck pain, there are few better mattress choices than the items from Temper-Pedic. The soft memory foam and variety of firmness options ensure the mattress surface contours to your shape and sleeping position.

Five Star

americas mattress

Five Star Mattress supplies NorthPoint Home Furnishing with mattresses from their True Luxury Collection. With four product lines available—Harwich, Ferrington, Somerton, and Palmersfield—their continually evolving technology meets almost everyone’s needs.


serta matress

Not only does this brand offer some of the most comfortable, high-quality mattresses on the market, they also educate their customers about their product’s features, how to care for their mattresses, and how to choose the best mattress for your needs. Our staff has much of this information available to back up our Serta mattress selection. We also carry iComfort by Serta, which contains memory foam and offers accessories such as bed sheet sets and pillows with extra support for your neck and head.


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