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Complimentary Interior Design Services

We appreciate that each person that walks through our doors is unique, and we want to be sure that your furniture is as unique as you. That’s why we offer hundreds of styles, colors, fabrics/leathers, and textures so you can find the perfect piece for you and your home. And the best part: we’ll be there to help every step of the way.

NorthPoint’s Complimentary Interior Design Service puts all hands on deck to help you discover your style, space and desired look and to put it all together with your input and final decisions. Complimentary Interior Design means our experienced decorator staff will help make your home a reflection of you and your lifestyle. We are experienced in working with you on designing your space to fit your look and budget. Put your trust in us and our design services to finish with your dream home.

Design Services
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Start Planning Your Space

Interior designing just got easier with our complimentary online room planner.

This interior design and floor planning software is yours to use for free. Our software features design templates for you to start working with, or measure your own room and lay it out to scale.

Just type in your room dimensions, add or remove walls, and start dragging furniture into your room. Also look for a selection of kitchen, gym, home theater, garden, and other household items to help your planning.